C&C Renegade is too hardcore for WIndows 8

Right after the second airdrop of Nod badies my system froze.  I haven’t experienced something like that for some time… an audio-loop-still-screen-no-keyboard-system-failure lock out.

Today my buddy pointed me to an Amazon sale for the Command & Conquer Ultimate Edition.  It was $10 so I couldn’t resist.  I know I have probably a dozen or so games I haven’t even installed on Steam but I put so much time into C&C games in the past that I had to do it just for nostalgic sake. PLUS, the digital package at least comes with some sort of early access for the next edition of the game when it comes out…so that might be worth it right there.  ALSO, if all else sucked, I knew it came with the soundtrack as well and as anyone who is anyone that calls themselves a fan knows: RED ALERT’s soundtrack is epic.

Old C&C games from EA ORIGIN have problems with Windows 8

I’m not surprised, really, but my experience with the classic games ended pretty quickly.  I first installed (out of something like 14 titles) Command and Conquer: Renegade because I was hopeful that there was some sort of support for my Xbox 360 controller.  I prefer PC gaming but I only prefer it with my controller.  Obviously that wont be the case with any sort of RTS game, but Renegade is a FPS and I thought maybe…just maybe…that I could lean back on my couch, pop open a brewskie, and enjoy some classic Renegade action. I recall buying the game back in the day and not having a computer that could run it smoothly so I kind of half-way was really excited.

C&C Renegade Glitch

Well, the experience lasted about 5 minutes.  And I ran into the frozen-bricked system which required me to restart.  The game information doesn’t include Windows 8 as a supported OS, but that is sometimes a non-issue. This time though I guess it’ll be touch and go. Bummer…I guess I’ll try again some other time.

Right now I have Borderlands 2 to install and check out!

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